Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Quality; Standards; Healthcare; Quality Assurance; Patient Satisfaction

Objective : The general objective of the study is to assess the "Quality Assurance Standards" of Civil Hospital, Jalandhar. The quality assurance standards, in general, will be improved through the fulfillment of certain specific objectives. The specific objectives are: ? To identify the gaps against the National Quality Assurance Standards by functional department -> To give recommendations for bridging the gap areas or non-compliances and -> To measure the patient satisfaction level by using standard patient satisfaction scorecard.

Background : Quality assurance is a systematic measurement and needs regular monitoring with a feedback mechanism of services receivers and providers. The perception of both providers and receivers is important for improving service quality through error prevention and improvement of services. The quality enhanced through objectively and symmetrically monitoring and evaluates services and facilities offered and performed in the hospital premises in accordance with pre-established standards.

Methodology : The study followed a qualitative method based on observation and discussions with the concerned department activities and staff. The checklists available with the National Quality Assurance to review the quality parameters are a departmental checklist with verification & observation, staff interview, patient interview, and record review. The study period was 3 months.

Findings : The final department wise score and the quality standards are assessed on the scale provided by the National Quality Assurance i.e., as follows: • 70% and above score – Highly Satisfactory • 50 - 60% score – Satisfactory • 40- 50% score – Average • Below 40% - poor The result shows that the services offered and performed by a different department in the Civil Hospital, Jalandhar is meeting the pre-established "National Quality Assurance Standards". It is also found from the evaluation that quality services are being delivered to the patients and they fulfill their expectations.

Recommendations : : The Quality in public place is a newer concept and the results and effectiveness will see in the long term. The hospital needs to work a lot to reach 70% marks the National Quality Standards. The hospital’s quality assurance committee must work with a proper framework to fulfill the gaps and to improve the quality of healthcare services in the hospital.