Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Primary Health Centre, Utilisation, UHC

Objective : Aim: The study aims at knowing the status of PHCs and UPHCs in terms of infrastructure, HR, services, quality parameters, and other support services. Objectives: To compare the facilities and services of PHCs and UPHCs.

Background : Primary Health Centre (PHC) is the most vital component of the Public Health Care System as it is the first place of contact between the citizens and the Public Health System. The government is trying to improve the delivery of health care services through various programs, to improve the health status of people. Thereby, it would be necessary to ascertain the factors which help in better functioning of primary health care centers, so that health for all is achieved.

Methodology : Cross-sectional observational Study/Descriptive. Six PHCs and six UHCs were selected purposively for the study. The data would be collected using a checklist. The data would be checked for partial/incompletely filled information before analysis. The data would be coded, tabulated and analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

Recommendations : The physical infrastructure of UHCs is inadequate as compared to PHCs. Lack of wards and Labor room in UHCs affects the service delivery indicator IPD and Deliveries. Average Staff at UHC is less than PHCs. Only 50% of UHCs perform OPD. And no other services are being provided at UHCs in comparison to PHCs where all the services are provided. Lack of display of IEC material in UHCs. Therefore, it is evident from the result that the facilities and services at UHCs are average as compared to rural and they are not efficient enough to Improve the health of Urban poor. Hence, there's a need to strengthen UHCs setting the benchmark of PHCs.

Rationale: In Gandhinagar district after the establishment of NRHM and NUHM no attempt has been made to have a systematic assessment of the implementation of IPHS guidelines in Primary health centers. In order to initiate any program intervention to provide effective services to beneficiaries, it is imperative to assess the current situation of PHCs in urban and rural areas.