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postgraduate program in health

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Study on Utilization of United Funds and Annual Maintenance Grants at Sub Centers in Junagadh District of Gujarat Abhishek Saxena Arindam Das
2 Prevalence of Neurodevelopment disabilities among children in rural Gadchiroli Aditi Tembe C.K. Aiyer
3 Assessment of Janani Suraksha Yojana in Nagaur District of Rajasthan Anchal Agarwal S.K. Puri
4 Factors associated with Utilization of maternal health care n Tamilnadu and Bihar Ashima Mahajan Arindam Das
5 Assessing the Progress of Implementation of the MTP Act in Bharatpur & Udaipur Zone,Rajasthan From 2007-08 -- 2008-09 at ARTH, Udaipur. Avi Saini Suresh Tahliani
6 Status of First Referral Units Assam Deepak Kumar Kar L.P. Singh
7 Country Reports Czech Republic Deepika C.K. Aiyer
8 Study on low uptake of eye care services at Swarna Bharati Eye Care center, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh Fazlul Haque Krishnan Nutan P. Jain
9 Quality Assurance Janani Owned Surya Clinics in Bihar & Jharkhand Komal Kumari Suresh Tahliani
10 Coverage Evaluation Survey of Slums of Junagadh Municipal Corporation Krishen Gopal Sajitha OG
11 A study on the claim trend analysis of corporates in Noida being serviced by Vipul Medcorp TPA Private Limited and developing claim control methods for cost containment of the organization Manisha Singh Sajitha OG
12 Emergency Health Seeking Behavior and Felt Need for Community First Responders among Slum Dwellers in Alwal Meenakshi Sharma Neetu Purohit
13 Assessment of implementation status of ARSH services Najia Rizvi P.R. Sodani
14 Planning an Efficient Discharge Process in a Green Filed Project through Study and Analysis of the Bottle Necks Involved Natasha Singh Anoop Khanna
15 Designing a Model On Human Resource Management Information System for CMSO Neha Yadav Hemant Anand
16 Study on Causes of Reduction in Maternal Death from year 2007 to 2009 in Vadodara District (Government of Gujarat) Nidhi Bhatt Neetu Purohit
17 District Quality Assurance Programme for RCH Services Pinky Bulchandani Anoop Khanna
18 A Study on Baseline Assessment of Mamta Diwas in Urban Slums of Ahmadabad Pragati Singh Dipti Govil
19 A Study on the Measurement and Comparison of average Turn Around Time (TAT) of the Claim Reimursement Process at Faridabadm Branch Office, Vipul Medcorp TPA Praneet Mittal Dipti Govil
20 Review of Trainings In State NRHM PIP of Selected States Preeti Dabar S.K. Puri
21 Perception of the BPL families and service providers about RSBY in Narmada District, Gujarat Rahul Sharma Goutam Sadhu
22 Estimating Technical Efficiency of the Urban Health Centers in Rajkot Ruchika Panigrahi Barun Kanjilal
23 Financial Analysis of NRHM Fund at District level in Government of Gujarat (Amreli) Sandeep Sharma S.D. Gupta
24 Review of the Public Private Partnership under NRHM Assam Sandip Ghosh Suresh Joshi
25 Review of community monitoring process, Assam Sanjeev Ranjan Barun Kanjilal
26 Strengthening Janani Suraksha Obstetric Help Lines and Referral Support for EMoC Services In Rajasthan: A Case Study in Unicef Intervention Districts Shilpi Sharma Barun Kanjilal
27 Kishori Shakti Yojana: Why is There the Problem of Anemia When the Scheme is Running Smoothly Shilpy Goutam Sadhu
28 Information Assymetry impact on treatment seeking behavior Shivani Singh S.K. Puri
29 Study about the SEWAs insurance Claim procedure compliancy and its management Shubhangi Bochare Suresh Joshi
30 Urban health vulnerability assessment & Intervention planning Sujata Rao Arindam Das
31 A Study of High Rate of Home Deliveries in Ranagadh PHC Swati Sajitha OG
32 A study to find out reasons of high Infants Death in Sagbara block of Narmada district in Gujarat Swayam Pandey Hemant Anand
33 Achieving Timely and Processed Handling of TPA Cases Tuhina Bhown Neetu Purohit
34 A Study on Causes of Low Institutional Delivery in Umarpada Taluka Upasana Naik Santosh Kumar
35 To establish a service structure in Bangalore for facilitation of Medical Tourism Varsha Saxena Jyoti Dua
36 Medical Tourism in Malaysia and India: A service structure model Vinita Anand Goutam Sadhu