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Challenges & Opportunities of Medical Tourism in Hospitals of Delhi & NCR

  • Sanjhi Singh
  • Agency : Medical Tourism, JCI Accreditation, Healthcare Industry
  • Objective : To compare the performance of three hospitals in the region in selected operations on the basis of   Cost, Value added services, Popular operations, promotional activities, approachability & to analyze trends Indian medical and healthcare Industry. To study the opportunities & challenges of medical tourism in Delhi and NCR.
  • Background : Not Available
  • Methodology : Not Available
  • Findings : Majority of the tourist consider India (Delhi) as a destination for heart surgery followed by nephro surgeries (kidney related problems) then orthopedic, Neuro and only a fraction of them come for kidney transplants. The study also indicates that if proper investment is made then India will be at the top level in the healthcare industry. The graph shows in what ratios the investment should be done like on medical equipment could account for 20-30% of investment in beds.
  • Recommendations : Aggressive marketing & awareness programs are required. Hospitals should have JCI accreditation to enhance international business. Web sites, list, details, telephone & E mail ids of hospitals & executives dealing with medical tourism Establishment of “Indian Medical Tourism Corporation”: - International Branches- Liaison cell with all Indian & Foreign Missions, Regular Chartered Medical Tourism should be announced, India International MT Media is also essential. Corporate Hospitals Medical Tourism Consortium with front offices in UK, USA, Canada, Middle East, South East Asian  countries can be established. Medical Tourism Regulatory Body /Ethics Committees should be formed.
To compare the performance of three hospitals in the region in selected operations on the basis of Cost, Value added services, Popular operations, promotional activities