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Patient Satisfaction with Quality of Care: A Comparative Study of Indoor Patients in Different Wards

  • Nancy Gupta
  • Agency : Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Care, Indore Patients
  • Objective : The study is to provide a systematic and visible way to lead and operate an organization working to improve performance by patient feedback. Secondly was to measure the satisfaction level of the patient getting treatment from the hospital and to work effectively on the quality improvement procedure.
  • Background : Many hospitals use lengthy surveys collected when the patients discharge to better understand the quality of their own care. The response rates for these surveys are generally good compared with many other types of surveys. Understanding the implications of the survey data can lead to new strategies that increase demand for services in part by reducing inappropriate instances when patients leave the system. The aim of the study is to compare the satisfaction level of patients admitted in surgical ward, medical ward, orthopedics ward and gynec ward at tertiary care general hospital of Gujarat:
  • Methodology : The methodology which is used in study is cross sectional and observational. Close ended questionnaire is used as a tool for data collection and findings are elucidated with the help of graphical representation.
  • Findings : Satisfaction level of the patients was highest in maternity ward and least in surgical ward. Most of the patients were satisfied with the Accessibility of the services and waiting time for registration. Maternity ward scored highest that is 65%  and 69% full satisfaction respectively in accessibility and safety and high quality coordinated care .Orthopedic ward scored highest (77% of the patient fully satisfied )in building relationship whereas in area of cleanliness, security and nutrition all four ward showed high dissatisfaction .Patient dissatisfaction was mostly due to .1)security service.2) accuracy of diagnostic and imaging facility of the hospital .3) unhygienic condition in the ward.4) summer temperature of the wards were rising high specially surgical and orthopedics ward.5)drinking water facility.6) privacy during stay and treatment in female wards patients.
  • Recommendations : Portable X ray machine in orthopedics ward.24hrs pharmacy for IPD .Medication and treatment should be fully explained to patients. In maternity ward privacy should be maintain for the female. Appropriate airing should be done in wards. Frequent Mopping & periodic washing of hospital Wards specially Surgical & Maternity Ward. Periodic Medical Examination of cook's & Food handlers & Surveillances. A grievance letter box/register should be made available for the patients.
The study is to provide a systematic and visible way to lead and operate an organization working to improve performance by patient feedback