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Strategy Evolvement for Improving Turnaround Time for Bed having Synergized Effect on Delivering Quality Health Care to Patients in a 200 Bedded Hospital

  • Anurag Gupta
  • Agency : Quality of Health Care, 200 Bedded Hospital, Synergized Effect, Intensive Care unit
  • Objective : to study the discharge planning process and room clearance process to decrease the turnaround time (less than the target we achieved) for bed making by the housekeeping department and to remove the problems and reasons for delays in discharge process.
  • Background : The study initially focused on one ward, A1 first floor of   Fortis Hospital Mohali. It is a multispecialty ward for patients of all categories except CTVS patients, with 34 beds. Patients are received from various entry points like direct admissions from OPD, triage and ED, GICU. Room turnaround time is a vital measure of performance for a number of service industries. For hospitals, reducing the room turnaround time leads to increased revenues as well as increased patient satisfaction. If a room is ready sooner, a waiting patient is required to spend less time in the emergency department or less time in stepping down from ICU, HDU.
  • Methodology : Not Available
  • Findings : The analysis presented in this document is based on the observation of data for discharge process by manpower efforts and the impact of technology to minimize the problems coming in the process of discharges. Based on Fortis operating system analysis methodologies, the problems of how to manage the smooth process flow of discharge i.e from discharge order to bed ready for other patient, which means the proper utilization of manpower so that all the steps in process flow( confirmation of discharge by MO, clerical staff for billing order after confirming all returns to pharmacy, billing department, IPD reception , staff nurse for explaining medicines and educating patient, clearance by attendants, GDA to transfer patient to discharge lounge) will be completed in time.  
  • Recommendations : The discharge orders to be made one day prior to discharge by consultant, discharge summary to be made one night before by the medical officer, mandatory training to the newly joined about discharge process and housekeeping process, strict discharge planning by the EDOD poster and auditing of the bills for long stay of patients one day prior to the discharge, by appointing separate supervisor for each ward. The target of percentage of discharges before 11A.M can be achieved and planned discharges to be 100 % and can reduce the room clearance turnaround time to 25 minutes as per standards given by Mc Kinsey. The specific objectives of operation planning and control are to establish routes and schedules for work that will ensure the optimum utilization of resources and to provide means for ensuring the operation of the hospital in accordance with these plans.
to study the discharge planning process and room clearance process to decrease the turnaround time