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Study on the Utilization of Radio Diagnostic Equipments, Ultrasound & Operation Theatre

  • Sangeeta Ravindran
  • Agency : Utilization of Radio Diagnostic Equipment, Ultrasound, Operation Theatre
  • Objective : This study deals with the utilization rates of CT scan, X- ray and Ultrasound machines in the Imaging department, Ultrasound machine in the Gynecology OPD, and the utilization of the Pediatric & Gynecology OT in a tertiary pediatric and neonatal referral center  in Andhra Pradesh and to suggest ways to increase the efficiency of these equipments by better utilization. Objectives of the study was to record the  time  taken  for  a  scan/surgery , calculate  the  utilization coefficient and see the trend of utilization.
  • Background : Medical equipment plays a very significant role in the healthcare delivery system.   In   the   present   healthcare   scenario, increasing   operational   efficiency   and   reducing   costs, whilst improving  service  provided  to  the  patient,  are  a  constant challenge. Biomedical equipment accounts for nearly 50 percent of the hospital project cost. Therefore, it is essential to ensure maximum utilization of the equipment with minimum downtime. With the adaptation of proper maintenance techniques and management systems one can utilize resources optimally and reduce the breakdown and related maintenance. Utilization index or use coefficient is one of the important parameters to monitor the functional status of the equipment.
  • Methodology : The study was an analytical one with valid quantitative data as a background proof and time frame of three months.
  • Findings :
    The study revealed an optimum utilization for the ultrasound machine used for pregnancy related scans in the gynecology OPD, ultrasound scan machine in the radiology department and the pediatric OT. The CT scan machine, X-ray machine and the Gynecology OT, were found to be less utilized, the CT machine being grossly underutilized. The Gynecology OT again is being underutilized owing to the fact that the hospital is essentially a pediatric entity and the gynecology department was started much later. The percentage utilization of CT for the month of January, February & March was seen to be 6%. This shows gross underutilization of the equipment. The percentage utilization of Ultrasound in Gynecology department was much higher than pediatric department.   It was found that surgeons were exceeding the booked duration for a surgery by more than half an hour in many cases.

  • Recommendations :
    The management was recommended to increase marketing for the CT and X-ray services. Scans should be
     started on Sundays to achieve optimum utilization of the equipment. The department has well trained and experienced technicians working in 3 shifts. Thus there is round the clock availability of staff.  Regular preventive maintenance of the equipment will assure lesser downtime and ensure better functioning.  Monthly report is generated to monitor surgeries which were exceeding booked duration. Elective surgeries can be planned on Sunday.
study deals with the utilization rates of CT scan, X- ray and Ultrasound machines in the Imaging department, Ultrasound machine in the Gynecology OPD,