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Analysis of Impact of HMIS Training on Knowledge of ANMs in Bhagalpur Zone Bihar

  • Akhil Agrawal
  • Agency : Impact Analysis, HMIS, 3Cs (Completeness, Correctness, Consistency)
  • Objective : The objective was to evaluate the impact of block level two days HMIS training on knowledge of ANMs in the Bhagalpur Zone, Bihar.
  • Background : The entire basic infrastructure for operationalization of standard HMIS in the Bhagalpur zone is working but there are still some concerns for a robust and effective HMIS in the district. There are variants of formats at each level in the field. Some of the HSCs & PHCs are still using form 6/7 and others are using new NRHM reporting format for monthly reporting.
  • Methodology : 1904 ANMs who have undergone the training on HMIS at block level in 4 districts of Bhagalpur zone were selected for the study. The study is based on the pre and post test of training data collected from the ANMs during the HMIS training. The data was collected at the training site immediately after the training. Primary data was collected from the ANMs using a well structured questionnaire. Data entry was done in CSPro 4.0 & analysis in SPSS 17.0.
  • Findings : ANMs were asked questions on 12 different data elements of NRHM Monthly reporting formats. ANMs were having very less knowledge on various data elements. Before the training, only 40% ANMs know about the concept of pregnancy registration, while after the training 75% ANMs have gained the knowledge about the concept. Various data elements were discussed and all the doubts were cleared on that during the training. In HMIS training, all the data elements were discussed from M1 to M11. Out of different data elements, due to priority of works done by ANMs and also complexity of data elements, some data elements were well understood by all the ANMs like ANC Registration, Immunization, etc. Data elements like post natal care, etc were not clear to ANMs because they do not do PNC in their area. Also ASHAs were not trained enough to help ANMs in PNC.
  • Recommendations : From the analysis of pre & post test, it can be concluded that training has enhanced the knowledge of ANMs on HMISís data elements. Retraining or short orientation of ANMs at block level should be organized by MOIC or BHM. Involvement of LHV in monitoring and facilitation of ANMs on HMIS is required. A concept of review meeting should be established at block level and at district level.
The objective was to evaluate the impact of block level two days HMIS training on knowledge of ANMs in the Bhagalpur Zone, Bihar