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Situation Assessment and Performance Gaps in JSY: District Dungarpur

  • Kapil Agarwal
  • Agency : Janani Surksha Yojna; Ante Natal Care; Institutional Delivery; Post natal Care, First Referral Unit
  • Objective : Assess the benefit of JSY regarding increasing institutional delivery. Assess the benefit of JSY on Maternal and Newborn care. Assessment the performance gaps of JSY in Dungarpur District. Find out the reasons behind gaps in quality health care service delivery.
  • Background : As the single largest conditional cash transfer scheme JSY has been implemented in India as well as in all the states of India, have target to increase Institutional Delivery and decrease Infant and Maternal deaths. After successful implementation of JSY, Institutional delivery increased, but objective of reducing IMR and MMR still needs attention.
  • Methodology : The study was descriptive study. Population of children in the age group of 0-5 yearís and pregnant mothers with ANC, PNC of last 5 years during delivery at Dungarpur District were taken for study. Secondary Data was collected from Form no. 9 from DPMU, Dungarpur since last 5 years. Data was calculated using Microsoft excel format and it was quantitative in nature.
  • Findings : Institutional Delivery had increased from 92% to 27% in last 6 years. Data of 3 ANC before delivery & Registration within 12 weeks had also increased. Maternal deaths before & during delivery decreased. There being only one blood storage unit functional in Dungarpur, it can be concluded as one of the reasons of more death due to PPH in Dungarpur. More focus towards institutional delivery showed a steep decrease in Post Natal death. There is lack of specialized Doctors and specialized service and more of referral services at Dungarpur.
  • Recommendations : Strengthening of model sub centre, PHC & CHC is necessary to reduce work load on higher institution. Quality of ANC should be improved for identification & referral of complicated cases. Functioning of FRUís & blood storage unit is necessary to reduce death due to PPH. Focus should be same on the entire three components ANC, during delivery & PNC, as lack of PNC cause increase infant & maternal death after delivery.
Assess the benefit of JSY regarding increasing institutional delivery