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Study of Pregnancy and Child Tracking System (PCTS) in Jaipur, District of Rajasthan State

  • Manu Gupta
  • Agency : Health Management Information System, Pregnancy, Child Tracking System, Health Workers
  • Objective : To conduct a study of the existing PCTS (HMIS) in Jaipur district of Rajasthan State.
  • Background : Quality health care is largely dependent on the availability and access to information, that directly contributes to the capacity building of the service providers and increase awareness and thereby the health seeking behaviour of the community. PCTS project of Rajasthan Government is an admirable step in this direction to address the information issue. Since no such study has been done for PCTS software, hence, for intensive study of the existing Health Management Information System and its implication on health care programme management was carried out.
  • Methodology : Qualitative method has been adopted for the study. In depth interview, observations and review of secondary reports was done.
  • Findings : There are three major issues procedural, content related and human resource that needs to be addressed in PCTS. Data quality was not up to the mark, people are still not aware about PCTS. The results also suggest that training of workers at grass root level would definitely help in resolving the present situation of HMIS.
  • Recommendations : Imparting training for front line works and supervisors is recommended. Hand holding of the health workers in the field to improve the HMIS, Regular monitoring of data provided, incorporation of regular feedback practices must be ensured.
To conduct a study of the existing PCTS (HMIS) in Jaipur district of Rajasthan State.