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To Develop Block Badagaon of District Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh as a Model Demonstration Site for Cold Chain and Recording Reporting Practices for Routine Immunization

  • Gaurav Gupta
  • Agency : Cold Chain, Demonstration, Immunization, Intervention, MCHIP, Supportive Supervision, USAID, Vaccines, Varanasi
  • Objective : To develop block Badagaon of district Varanasi as a demonstration site for cold chain management and recording reporting practices.
  • Background : Immunization remains one of the most cost-effective health interventions, even with newer, more expensive vaccines. For proper storage and distribution of vaccines, cold chain management and proper recording and reporting practices are essential. Block Badagaon and thematic areas were selected in discussion with MCHIP technical team and district officials. The thematic areas of cold chain management and recording reporting, included in the study are important for ensuring delivery of potent quality vaccines to all beneficiaries.
  • Methodology : The study involved different steps including collection of base line information pertaining to ongoing practices through use of a standardized checklist for identification of strengths and gaps requiring intervention; data analysis and sharing with block and district officials; follow up visits for implementing interventions; photo-documentation of each step and regular appraisal on progress and feedback sharing with district counterparts and MCHIP (Mother & Child Health Integrated Programme) technical team. Supportive supervision approach was utilized throughout the intervention in the form of orientation, sensitization, on-the-job training, problem solving, demonstration and hand-holding of concerned functionaries.
  • Findings : Based on analysis of findings of the baseline data, area(s) for improvement were found in twenty-five of thirty-seven parameters in the check-list. Analysis of the end line data shows that all the parameters studied where area(s) for improvement were found in baseline, could be improved to the level envisaged by MCHIP. The level envisaged by MCHIP for cold chain management and recording-reporting practices could be achieved. Thus, it is safe to conclude that supportive supervision could be used as an effective tool to upgrade a site to the expected levels, for use as a cross learning center.
  • Recommendations : Regular follow-ups by officers at the block and district level is necessary for sustaining the achievements. Further studies on vaccine stock management will be essential to establish adequacy of the current system of vaccine stock management system. Additional research is required on development of innovative designs of cold chain equipment and vaccine deliver mechanisms.
To develop block Badagaon of district Varanasi as a demonstration site for cold chain management