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Comparative Market Research of Healthcare IT Service Providers in Singapore

  • Chhavi Anand
  • Agency : Healthcare, IT Service, Singapore, Market Research
  • Objective :
    1.   To study and assess the current market trends in Healthcare IT in Singapore  
    2.  To explore the potential opportunities for Accenture in Healthcare IT market.  
    3. To suggest and recommend business development opportunities in Healthcare IT

  • Background : Singapore is one of the more wired up and technologically savvy countries in the world. How do we translate this into better healthcare? We already have electronic medical records in hospitals and many outpatient clinics.
      Yet there is room for improvement, for no healthcare system can afford to rest on its laurels. As a profession, we should not we grow complacent.
    Computerization of all primary care will allow faster and more complete epidemiology. By better understanding the patterns of disease in the community, we can formulate better healthcare policy. Privacy, while an understandable concern, can be safeguarded with appropriate software design and audit. If we can computerize healthcare records, we can also incorporate the patient's preferences about what information can be shared.
    Electronic medical records, across primary care, have been set up in hospitals and many outpatient clinics. Some hospitals have been faster than others, but all are moving towards full computerization. It must be ensured that primary healthcare will not be left behind; ways must be found to better engage GPs and help them where ever needed. Moreover, the most important concern is to address the disease burden of ageing population, where healthcare technology can play a vital role.

  • Methodology : The present study based on an Exploratory Research on Healthcare IT industry of Singapore.
    The study based on literature review and analysis of the market data in the healthcare IT. Data collection was from various sources including white papers, journals, articles and the accenture portal. A SWOT analysis was conducted of Accenture and other companies in the market, through analysis and comparative review of healthcare IT service providers in Singapore (Accenture vs. others). An attempt was made to identify grey areas with reference to Accenture. Based on the findings, suggestions and recommendations a business development plan and opportunities in the healthcare IT market were developed.

  • Findings : Not Avialable
  • Recommendations :
    1. Accenture could enter RFID and Cloud Computing as these are the latest upcoming technology with big market.  
    2. Should take up bite sized projects for providing Consulting, maintenance and support services. 
    3.   Analyze key strengths of competitors and scale up to them

To study and assess the current market trends in Healthcare IT in Singapore