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Study of Existing Referral System for EMOC in Mehsana

  • Deepshikha Sharma
  • Agency : Referral System, EMOC Services, Mehsana
  • Objective : The overall objective of the research was to study the existing referral system for EMOC. The specific objectives of the study were:  
    •  To study the various aspects of existing referral system for emergency obstetric care.
    • To study the strengths and weakness of referral system.

  • Background : Many women die every year because of complications during delivery. At that critical time, it is necessary to provide all kinds of facilities to pregnant women. Here comes the role of referral system. Referral, the coordinated movement of health care seekers through the health system to reach different types of care— is a vital and often neglected component of maternal and newborn health services, especially in case of obstetric and newborn emergencies where health seekers must reach a high level of care. The importance of referral in maternal and newborn care, especially in the event of an obstetric emergency, is related to the unpredictability of pregnancy complications, many of which cannot be dealt with, at the primary level.

  • Methodology : Study design was Cross-sectional descriptive study and study area was district Mehsana.Study population were the women who had history of obstetric complications during pregnancy and child birth in the past 6 months. 44 women covered in study. Data collection method was primary and secondary data sources were used for data collection. Primary data was collected from all the respondents through structured questionnaire (For Mothers and service providers.). Secondary data was collected from various reports and records related to referral system available.

  • Findings : Social networking site is needed by public health professionals in their professions. Any social networking site for public health professionals should have applications which help them in each of the following broad categories:   
    1. Updates from all the possible sources  
    2. Skills acquisition  
    3. Sharing and seeking opinions 
    4. One stop information portal

  • Recommendations : If such a social networking site will be created, it will help all the public health professionals to achieve maximum individual potential. This particular framework shoud be known as “Dharmik's framework for public Health professionals achieving Maximum Potential through Social networking”

The overall objective of the research was to study the existing referral system for EMOC.