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Study on Awareness of and Enrollment under Rashtriya Swasthaya Bima Yojana

  • Ekta Kinha
  • Agency : RSBY, Exploratory Study, Rasthriya Swasthaya Bima Yojana
  • Objective : The aim of the study is to
    •  Know about the awareness of RSBY in BPL population  
    •  Analyze the profile of the beneficiaries  
    • Identify problems experienced by beneficiaries the and the hospital authorities with respect to RSBY
    • Suggest appropriate measures to improve utilization of the scheme by beneficiaries

  • Background : India is a developing country with a large population living below poverty line. After independence India has seen a tremendous growth in health infrastructure, enabling healthcare access to poor people in remote areas. But, not all people can avail expensive health care. Therefore Government of India launched RSBY. RSBY has successfully completed its four years, enrolling BPL families and providing them with RSBY smart card.

  • Methodology : An empanelled government district hospital was chosen to conduct the study. The study was exploratory in nature. The respondents were classifies into Beneficiaries of the scheme, non-beneficiaries and hospital personnels. Data was collected and analyzed.

  • Findings : 59 percent BPL respondents were enrolled under the scheme. All respondents who were not BPL also wanted to get covered under the scheme as the scheme will entitle them to avail free treatment at government, private hospitals. Half of the respondents who were enrolled under the scheme had to spend money from their own pockets.

  • Recommendations : The scheme has not yet started functioning in the hospitals. The RSBY smart cards are yet to be activated. In the hospital there was no RSBY helpdesk to answer the queries of beneficiaries related to scheme. BPL used their yellow ration card to avail free treatment.

Know about the awareness of RSBY in BPL population .Analyze the profile of the beneficiaries