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postgraduate program in pharmaceutical

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Study on New Product Development Ajosh John Prof. Barun Kanjilal
2 Study to Assess the Role of Chemist in Promoting OTC Drugs Alankar Gupta Dr. R.S. Goyal
3 Consumer Buying Behavior for OTC Drugs at the Point of Purchase Anand Namdeo Brig.(Dr.) S.K. Puri
4 Customer's Perception towards Chief Minister's Free Medicine Scheme Anil Ajmera Brig. (Dr.) S.K. Puri
5 Impact of Marketing Mix Element on Choice of Pharmaceutical OTC Product Arpit Bohara Dr. Tanjul Saxena
6 Analysis of Current Market Potential and Competition for DHEA and Prepare Marketing Strategies for Launching the Product in North Delhi Arun Chhikara Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
7 Consumer Perception of Youth towards Online Retail Pharmacy in India Ashish Pandey Prof. Gautam Sadhu
8 Pre Market Assessment on "Proton Pump Inhibitor" for Launching a New Drug in Jaipur Bhuvesh Mudgal Dr. P.R. Sodani
9 To Study Current Usage Pattern and Scope for New Dose in Digoxin Therapy Bikram Bir Singh Brig.(Dr.) S.K. Puri
10 Study of Prescription Pattern of Plasma Derived Therapeutic Proteins Deepak Saxena Dr. Neetu Purohit
11 Measuring the OTC Medicines Promotional Effectiveness Devilal Sharma Brig. (Dr.) S.K. Puri
12 Consumer Buying Behavior towards Revital at Point of Purchase Dharmin H. Zaveri Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
13 Market Assessment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Drugs in U.K., Germany and Ireland Dinesh Chandra Joshi Dr. Anoop Khanna
14 Study on Prescribing Pattern for Atorvastatin and Rosuvastatin among Physicians Gitesh Chandra Nayak Dr. Vivek Lal
15 Brand Extension in OTC Products: Antecedents and Consequences on Attitude and Purchase Behavior of Patients Harshita Chaudhary Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
16 Awareness and Practice of Self Medication in Common Ailments Himanshu Nama Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
17 Talent Retention through Employer Branding Kalpana Yadav Dr. J.P. Singh
18 Parkinson's disease Overview in INDEGENE Bangalore Kriti Pachauri Dr. Monika Chaudhary
19 Assessment of Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour of Consumer towards OTC Drugs Manas Ranjan Biswal Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
20 Analysis of Anti-D Brand among the Gynecologists of Bangalore Manish Choudhary Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
21 Assessment of Organizational Factors in Retention of Medical Representatives Mohit Kumar Garg Dr. Tanjul Saxena
22 Career Development Practices and Satisfaction of Employee: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry Navneet Dagar Dr. Seema Mehta
23 Market Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes in China Neetika Sahu Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
24 Prevalence and Awareness of Self Medication in General Population Neha Gupta Dr. S.D. Gupta
25 Role of Packaging and Its Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior of OTC Pharma Products Pankaj Agrawal Prof. Barun Kanjilal
26 Market Opportunities for Indian Manufacturers in South African Countries for HIV/AIDS Parul Thakur Dr. R.S. Goyal
27 Measurement of Employee Satisfaction with Performance Appraisal System: A Study on KPO Firms Operating in India Pooja Gandhi Brig. (Dr.) S.K. Puri
28 Critically Analyze and Assess Demand and Supply of Thrust Brands and Non Thrust Brands and also Predict the Future Trends Priyank Vireshbhai Thakkar Mr. Harish Sihare
29 Study of Service Quality of Pharmacy Retail Chain in Indian Scenario Priyanka Gulati Dr. Suresh Joshi
30 Study on Customer Perception towards Organized Pharmacies Puneet Swami Dr. Seema Mehta
31 Future of Stem Cell Banking in India: A Study on Customer Perception, Awareness and Future Prospects Punyarth Singh Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
32 Study of Different Perspectives of Online Marketing Research Radhika Menon Prof. Gautam Sadhu
33 Medical Representative's Motivators and Barriers from Medical Representative and Doctors Point of View Rahul Bhargava Dr. P.R. Sodani
34 Training Structure in CIPLA Rahul Mishra Dr. Nutan P. Jain
35 Survey on Doctor's Perception on Free Sample Distribution by the Pharmaceutical Industry Samidha Rishi Dr. Neetu Purohit
36 To Access the Trend in Customer Expectations for Adopting Online Retailing of Drugs Samir Karnik Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
37 Survey on Cardiologists and General Physician Perception of Telmisartan Sandeep Vashistha Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
38 Study of Infant/Baby Food Market in Jaipur Satish Saini Dr. Anoop Khanna
39 Comparative Study of Cost v/s Comfort for Customers for Online Retail Pharmacy Saurabh Dhondiyal Dr. Vivek Lal
40 Market Research for Various Iron Salts in Anemia during Pregnancy Saurabh Mittal Dr. Anoop Khanna
41 Ideal NSAID for Ocular use from the Point of View of Practitioner Shailja Vaghela Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
42 Study on Consumer Perception towards the Services of Retail Pharmacy Chain Shalini Mathur Dr. J.P. Singh
43 Motivation of Medical Sales Representative (MSR) in Pharmaceutical Industry: A Study on How the MSR get Motivated and Which Factors Motivate Them Shrish Dewangan Dr. Susmit Jain
44 To Identify Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior and Satisfaction Level for Nutritional Products Snehal Dalal Dr. Monika Chaudhary
45 Consumer Preference towards Organized and Unorganized Pharmacy Stores Sonal Sharma Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
46 Monitoring and Analysis of Social Media Data Around American College of Cardiology's 61st Annual Scientific Session and Expo (ACC.12) Held at Chicago From 24-27 March 2012 Sonal Singh Dr. N.K. Gurbani
47 Study on Assessment of Doctor's Perception Towards a Newly Launched Generic Product: Determinants for Success and Failure of a Product Sudeep Kumar Pradhan Dr. Tanjul Saxena
48 Study of Information Sources Influencing Prescription Behavior of Doctors Sumeet Khandelwal Dr. Seema Mehta
49 To Assess Expanded Access Program of an Oncology Drug for Melanoma in Germany Sumit Sharma Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
50 Industry Expectation and Student Orientation -A Gap Analysis Suruchi Mediratta Dr. Seema Mehta
51 Perception of the Doctors for Vitamin B-12 in Diabetic Neuropathy and Brand Recall for NEUROBION PLUS Swati Chauhan Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
52 Market Assessment of Fibromyalgia in Five Major European Countries- (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) Uddipta Mukherjee Dr. Susmit Jain
53 Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Case of OTC Drugs Umesh Golani Dr. Tanjul Saxena
54 Merger and Acquisitions in Pharmaceutical Industry- A Financial Perspective Vikesh Goel Dr. Seema Mehta
55 Strategy Planning of Branded Generics: Opportunities and Challenges in Rural India Vinod Nair Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
56 Assessment of Impact of Organized Retail Pharmacies over Unorganized Pharmacy Stores Yogesh Kumar Dr. Tanul Saxena
57 Assessment of Relationship between Packaging Elements and Consumers Buying Behavior for FMCG Products Yunus Sayyed Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
58 Assessing accessibility of credit, extent and regularity of savings and SHG participation. Dilna Dayanandan M Prof. Gautam Sadhu