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Analysis of Operastional Efficiency For Out-Patient department,Radiology Department and pharmacy With The Help of Observed Parameters

  • Pragnya Patnaik
  • Agency : DHAN , anaemia, Hb Level
  • Objective : The desire to provide the best possible care to patients by preventing, treating and ultimatelyeliminating the liver and biliary problems along with the related diseases is the basis for the hospital’s success. ILBS (Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences) is an established institute by the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi as an autonomous institute.
    The project done at this hospital included two main clinical departments namely Radiology and Out-patient department respectively. The main aim of this project was to map the process flow of the mentioned departments. One of the main coordinating departments of OPD is Radiology department which renders support service to the patients. The aim of the department is to provide best quality radiological investigations at reasonable cost and to provide all vascular and non vascular interventional work related to liver maintaining international standards. The radiology department has MRI/ CT , fluoroscopy , digital x-ray imaging, cath lab, and color Doppler ultrasound. Inpatient and outpatient diagnostic procedures are performed in the same facility and with the same level of care by the technicians and the doctors. There is a high definition 3-Tesla MRI, a spectral energy 64 slice CT, DR, CR systems, C arm angiography unit, RFA machine, besides other routine equipment. It is fully integrated with PACS. The radiological image viewing facilities are available to all the concerned departments and wards through PACS and Hospital Information System.
    The main aim of the project was to map the entire process flow of radiology department which includes MRI, CT, Ultra sound and X-ray division. Turnaround time was calculated for finding out the average procedure time between registrations to the start procedure time of X-ray. It was observed that the X-ray technician had the responsibility to perform Dexa-Scan, portable and departmental x-ray along with entry in the register and sending the scanned image through PACS. The average waiting time was found to range from minimum 13 minutes to 6 hours. Maximum of 32 % delay was due to DEXA and 31% delay was due to performance of portables at different areas which included the wards and the VIP suites.
    The average procedure time taken by technician was 8:02 minutes which included task from receiving of the requisition form till sending of the images through PACS.
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the project was to map the entire process flow of radiology department which includes MRI, CT, Ultra sound and X-ray division.