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Report On Client Feedback Tracking System

  • Apurva Dhole
  • Agency : NH, Patient satisfaction Level, people centered health system
  • Objective : Being a part of service industry, Customer satisfaction becomes the prime responsibility of each employee. So was our responsibility to see that our clients are satisfied with the service. Indus Health Plus deals with the preventive health check up as their primary product. The checkups are carried out at different centers across India, where they empanel with the Hospitals or Diagnostic centers. During the initial days of my work, I was explained in detail about the product and the processes. Then I was introduced to the feedback system and was asked to redesign the process based on the analysis of the past records. For analyzing the feedback data, it was found that the data itself is inadequate. There was a huge discrepancy between the feedback entered into the system and the number of actual checkups done at the centers. The analysis would be of no use unless full data is recovered from the system. Hence, the first task was to identify the discrepancy in the data and then find out the appropriate process as to recover the whole data on time so that it can be utilized for further analysis and process improvement. During the course of two months, I visited the centers in Pune and observed the feedback forms collection and updating system. Then I verified the data from the system where many discrepancies were underlined. Data mismatch was also found out. So I planned to pool out the data for last three months and do the analysis to identify the exact discrepancy. I also prepared the process flow for all the centers for feedback from collection and updating into the system. Based on the results I prepared the format to keep a check on regular collection and updating into the system. Client feedback is important in order to understand the client expectations in terms of services, their grievances and suggestions which can help the organization to improve their services, identify the training needs if required and add or subtract a process or a part of if desirable.
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Indus Health Plus deals with the preventive health check up as their primary product.