Dr. Venkatesh Srinivasan

Dr. Venkatesh Srinivasan

Adjunct Professor

Venkatesh Srinivasan is a Management graduate and holds a Doctorate from India. He is a Masters in Public Health, from University of North Carolina, USA. He has more than 35 years of experience in Public Health and other social sectors. Of this, he has served the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) in India for 31 years, with stints in various other countries. He has vast experience in management of public health systems having steered various critical interventions such as in clinical care, MIS, Communications and financing. Has been instrumental in design of key processes such as the Joint Review Mission and Common Review Mission for RCH 2 and National Rural Health Mission. He has served on government several committees at the National and State levels. He has been instrumental in initiating programs on adolescents, inputs on Census operations, addressing elderly issues and on population and development. He currently serves on the Empowered Committee of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, a Honorary Advisor for a very large and reputed NGO and serves as a member of a professional group established by the Beijing Association of Science and Technology to address issues of the elderly.