About Research

IIHMR University is in its fourth decade of research in the healthcare sector. Over the past decades the University has conducted more than 800 research projects and studies in health policies and programmes at the national and international levels. These studies have high relevance to health policies and programmes.

IIHMR University has extensively worked on assignments/consultancies for studies and projects funded by various bilateral agencies, the Government of India, and State Governments.

These research areas include health system, human resource and training, family welfare, maternal and child health, medical education, health management information system, evaluation, education and communication, information technology survey, project implementation plan, health economics and financing, drugs, strategy planning, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, communication behavior, national health policy, health insurance, quality assurance, operations research, reproductive health, and gender health.

In this endeavor, IIHMR University continues its efforts in expanding its focus on research in policy and programme management in the health sector.

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