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Proposal for Conducting Assessment on Quality of Care Among Community Health Officers (CHOs) for Managing Common Health Conditions Seen at Primary Care Setting in India

Agency : NHSRC

Community Health officer is a new cadre of staff placed by the Ministry of Health and family welfare through National Health Mission under the AB-Health Well Being center (AB-HWC) flagship programme. Over a period when government of India completed the establishment of CHOs across the country, quality of services provided by the CHOs is a matter of concern in some states. Now, when the appointment of CHOs at different phases is in process, many of the states have appointed good numbers of CHO in the SHC-HWC and comprehensive primary health care (CPHC) level, but outcomes at the initial level from the reports are eye-catching irrespective of many challenges at the system level.  Hence, NHSRC New Delhi has entrusted IIHMR Univeristy Jaipur to conduct a study on quality of care among Community Health Officers (CHOs) for managing common health conditions seen at primary care settings in India.

To understand the gaps and quality of services, the objectives were set to:

  • identify and measure quality of care given by the CHOs and team as a continuum care approach under the AB-HWC programme.
  • assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of the CHOs and team in terms of providing health care services, and
  • assess the satisfaction level of the patients who received services from the CHOs.

The study will be conducted in three states named Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, and currently, as a piloting 2 district and 4 AB-HWC were covered under piloting state and report is under consideration. It is proposed that from MP and Rajasthan, altogether 6 districts and 215 AB-HWC with 430 respondents will be selected based on the performance i.e., 3 district each state. The selection of study districts and AB-HWCs will be done based on the performance of the CHOs and other stakeholders from the AB-HWC. The NHSRC, New Delhi office will help IIHMR University to get the list of the CHOs who are performing well in terms of their performances.