Stress Management for Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness

Stress Management for Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
September 28-30, 2022
Programme Coordinator: Dr. Tripti Bisawa


Stress is a natural response to a perceived challenge or a threat. Stress is generally indicated as a deviation from normal functioning of body and mind. It can affect performance of an individual in his personal and professional life. Stress to some extent is good for an individual as well as the organization. It helps in achieving personal and organizational goals.But stress beyond certain limit can cause harmful effects on body and mind of an individual and affect the growth of an organization. Moreover, in today's era, where lives of people have been highly affected by pandemic Covid-19 and are passing through the phase of turmoil, stress has become an inexorable part of personal and professional life. Each individual brings a peculiar pattern of responding to inevitable demands of personal and professional life. Some are able to manage stress whereas others experience psychological stress. Individuals and organizations can implement practices to reverse unhealthy stress (distress) and promote eustress, which stimulates growth and vitality. The success of an individual and organization depends on how stress is managed. Therefore, this programme intends to develop in the participants, the ability to cope up with stress and create work-life balance, thereby increasing effectiveness in personal and professional life.

Programme Objectives

In the context of above backdrop, the programme on stress management is modulated with the following objectives:

  • To identify stressors and stressful situations.
  • To understand the consequences of exorbitant stress.
  • To indoctrinate techniques of stress management.
  • To create self-awareness and maintain Work-life balance.

Programme Contents

  • Introduction to stress management
  • Causes of stress
  • Signs of stress
  • Effects of stress
  • Techniques of stress management
  • Time management and anger management
  • Introspection for self-awareness
  • Understanding stress inducing factors and overcoming the psychological challenges of stress at individual and organizational level
  • Individual and organizational approaches to manage stress
  • Managing work-life balance

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop ability to recognize stressors.
  • Acquire skills to cope with personal and professional stress.
  • Comprehend the importance of Stress Management Techniques.
  • Learn to manage time and create Work-life Balance.

Who should attend?

The programme has been designed and targeted towards executives from Public and Private Sector Organizations, Business Leaders, HR Heads, NGO Personnel, Academic and Administrative Officers, Consultants , Managers and Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, Employees of Hospital and Health Organizations, Banks and Financial Institutions, Government Departments, Autonomous Bodies etc. with substantial managerial responsibilities, interests, and motivation to learn and develop ability to manage stress and enhance personal and organizational effectiveness.


The programme will be a blend of interactive lectures, dialogues and discussions and will be supplemented by video presentations, group work, experiential processes, hands on sessions, quiz, activities, and exercises, etc.

Resource Persons

  • Gunjan Solanki
    Dr. Gunjan Solanki
    Associate Professor
    Psychiatry Department
    SMS Medical College Jaipur
  • Vikramjeet Singh
    Mr. Vikramjeet Singh
    Managing Director and CEO
    INAS Social
  • Tripti Bisawa
    Dr. Tripti Bisawa
    (Programme Coordinator)
    Professor and IQAC Coordinator
    IIHMR University

Programme Fee

For Indian participants INR 24,750+18% GST and for international participants USD 462+18 % GST. The programme fee includes tuition, background reading material, lodging and boarding.


Early Bird Discount: Nominations received with payments before 4-weeks will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.
Group Discount: Any organization sponsoring four or more participants to the programme will be entitled for a discount of 20% on the total fee payable provided that at least four participants attend the programme.
Maximum Discount: Organization can avail themselves of both the discounts subject to maximum discount of 20%.


The programme will be held at IIHMR University, Jaipur. IIHMR University is located near Jaipur International airport, Sanganer, Jaipur. The University campus provides a learning environment to the participants. The participants are welcome to use the library and recreational facilities at the campus.


A certificate of participation on completion of the programme will be issued by IIHMR University, Jaipur.

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