IIHMR Emergency Startup Incubation Bootcamp 2021

Emergency Incubation for Emergency Response - Solving the most pressing problems of mankind during COVID19 crisis across Commonwealth countries

Who all can apply for the Bootcamp

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Ideators, Intrapreneurs, Studentpreneurs

Benefits you can avail upon being selected

  • Best 2 startups : Fully Sponsored enrollment in PG Diploma-Health Entrepreneurship program with IIHMR university (if selected and eligible)
  • Best 20 startups : Access to fully sponsored Startup Incubation Bootcamp by IIHMR Incubator, if selected
  • Best 20 Startups : Access to curated pitching session with investors, industry experts, startup mentors and representatives from government departments
  • Best 50 startups : Chance to get featured in ‘Idea-Book’ alongwith the logos of their affiliated organizations/universities/companies shared across all Commonwealth countries through their India Embassies.
  • All Applicants : Chance to network with entrepreneurs, investors and government officials from 53 Commonwealth countries.

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Important Dates

Application closes 31th May 2021, till 6 PM (IST)
Screening and Jury rounds 26th- 31st May 2021
Awards Ceremony (Virtual) 1st June 2021
IIHMR Startup Incubation Bootcamp 1st-7th June 2021

Themes for Solutions

  • Alternatives for ventilators and oxygen cylinders
  • Tech enabled monitoring to curb hoarding and black marketing of COVID 19 medicines and equipments
  • App, AI and IoT based awareness, protection, prevention and detection
  • Protecting Frontline Workers and Community Task Forces
  • Protecting Most Vulnerable Groups such as small business owners, cab & auto drivers, househelps, daily wage labourers, sanitation workers, roadside vendors etc.
  • Remote Work, Remote Education and Remote Entertainment
  • Reinventing Supply chains
  • Technology and business solutions for enhancing production capacities to promote self-reliance
  • Personal Hygiene maintenance and monitoring
  • Environment safe masks and other protection devices
  • Scanning, Screening, Sterilizing and disinfecting
  • Last mile delivery and availability of Oxygen Support System
  • Enhanced Vaccination Drives
  • Enhanced capacities for hospitals
  • ERP systems for COVID 19 centres and hospitals
  • Telemedicine and Teleconsultation

Application Form for IIHMR Emergency Startup Bootcamp 2021

All queries can be raised at incubationsupport@iihmr.edu.in