PHRAME-2022| December | Vol. - 01 (02) | Pages 21-48

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PHRAME - 2022 | April - June | Vol. - 01 (01) | Pages 1-20

Phrame is a quarterly periodical initiated by SD Gupta School of Public Health. PHRAME (Public Health Round-up on Actions, Measures and Evidence) has been envisioned to bring latest updates and research from around the globe on areas of Public health importance. It will also serve as a platform for popularizing public health, through engaging and interactive content featuring innovations, trivia and puzzles!

The engaging ‘EYE’ of PHRAME is encased in the rectangular frame , the four sides of which are symbolic of the actions needed to popularize public health , i.e, to look around, think, share and connect.

We welcome articles, interesting content, creative literary works , engaging essays relating philosophy with public health or medicine , poetry in medicine etc . We’ll publish deserving works in our upcoming issues.

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Next on PHRAME Vector Borne Diseases

Upcoming issue of PHRAME will focus on vector-borne diseases. PHRAME welcomes articles, reviews, updates, creative content including poems, thoughtful essays, sketches, cartoons, paintings related to the theme from interested readers.

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